Introduction: Meatballs & Shrimps in Coconut Milk

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Another delicious dish from Indonesia knows as Sambal Goreng Printil. You can serve this dish as is, but best is with warm rice.

Step 1: Meatballs

500 g lean ground beef

1 egg

Mix ground beef with egg and 1 small scoop (about 1 heaping tsp) Hungarian Vegeta seasoning (or you can use Royco, or just salt); shape marbles, steam, set aside.


You can either steam then fry the beef balls, or just steam and leave it as it is, or you can oven them.

Step 2: Paste

In a food processor, make paste of:

10 red bird eye chiclies (less if you want it less spicier)

1 large purple onion

2 garlic

Step 3: Ingredients and Method

1 can (398 ml) coconut milk

25 pieces peeled shrimps (you can use the ready to eat peeled shrimps)

150 g sweet peas

1 bag stinky beans (sator, available at Asian store, most of the time frozen), omit if you cannot find it, but they give wonderful flavor to the dish

2 large tomatoes, chopped

2 red bird eye chilies

1.5 cm fresh galangal (available at Asian store or health food store, frozen is okay, thaw)

2 salam leaves (Indonesian bay leaf, available at Asian store or online)

1 tbsp olive oil

palm/brown sugar, regular white sugar, salt, to taste

seasoning powder such as Hungarian Vegeta or Royco powder, to taste

Heat olive oil, saute paste, 2 red bird chilies (halved), galangal, and Salam leaves.

Add in shrimps, chopped tomatoes, sweet peas, stinky beans and the rest of the ingredients.

Pour in coconut milk and beef balls.

Season with salt, sugars, seasonings, and cook until coconut milk is lessen.

Serve with fragrant rice and enjoy :)


For more reddish color, either add tomato paste, or use red bird chilies only You can add the sweet peas prior to turning off the stove for crunchier result; as for me, I added them earlier as my husband likes it like that.

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