Introduction: Medieval Viking's Hatchet (Old Axe Renovation)

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What ?
Good looking and working axe - carved in medieval/vikings style and with mirror like polished blade.

Why ?

To show that renovation isn't boring

To make beautiful, original, special device

To make the axe with the handle fittet just for You

For fun, as a hobby :)

What will be needed ?

Wood for handle

Old axe (or just blade)

some sandpaper

fretsaw (to cut the handle)

Chisel or sharp carving knife


Stain (the best would be such based on oil)

Step 1: The Handle

It is important to take durable and strong wood for the handle. Better not use pine or similar ones.
I chose acacia robinia as it is pretty hard, dense wood. Also look at the grains and chose the part without the knots.along (not across) the woodgrains

Now, If You have the wood, then make the handle pattern on it. There are many axe's shapes so use the one which would be suitable to You. Cut the handle and adjust/round it with drill with sandpaper.

Step 2: Carving

Carving isn't so hard. Really!

Just write a pattern on the handle and then as the first step, make cut-offs along the pattern. Use the rectangular chisel or carving knife.

Then use the 'U' chisel (or just carving knife) to remove unnecessary wood between the cut-offs.

Step 3: Renovating the Blade

Sand the blade to remove rust, scratches etc. Start with the 400 grid sandpaper. Do not use drill for sanding because it will make bad looking grooves in the blade.
In my project I've started with 400 grid and ended with 2500 grit sandpaper. It gave mi mirror like blade. Of course such blade isn't crucial for the axe but it is very good looking feature.

Step 4: Staining/painting

Axe needs to fit to the hand, so do not use slippery stains as oil paints. Also do not use waterpaints, because they would bring out all inaccuracies/shortcomings after carving.
Best are the oil stains (not oil paints! and rust oleums).

Step 5: Enjoy You Original, Viking's Like Hatchet

That's all. Now go outside and chop some wood - isn't a great to work with such good, hand made tool ? ;-)

If You want to see all the step by step axe renovation process, just watch the video attached to this instructable.

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