Introduction: Megan Nobles - Jewelry Box Tutorial

So for our EngineeringTechnology final, I decided to put together a simple jewelry box. With the box's simple design, you could add more sections to the box if you would like but in this tutorial I will only be making a simple box without any sections...(yeah a box). With it being senior year and me being a lazy-ish person in general, OF COURSE my lazy self didn't make it into the shop to actually build the box itself. I was at least able to put this simple "jewelry" box together through steps.

(I do NOT own this picture of the wooden box. I simply dragged and dropped this image from Google Images. This is to give you an idea of where and what I am trying to go with in this tutorial.)

Step 1: Materials & Tools


  1. wood
  2. hinges
  3. hasp/lock - optional
  4. mirror(s) - optional
  5. velvet or velvet like material to cover the insides of the box - optional
  6. jewelry cushion
  7. earring holders/racks

-and of course, if you would like to add more to the box you could do so by building in sections/dividers


  1. measuring tape/ruler
  2. drill
  3. screwdriver (electric)
  4. metal nails
  5. sandpaper
  6. wood glue
  7. saw

(I do NOT own any of these pictures. I simply dragged and dropped these images from
Google Images. This is to give you an idea of where and what I am trying to go with in this tutorial.)

Step 2: Wood & Measurements


- it's your choice of wood! There are a wide variety of woods out there to choose from and it's your jewelry box so choose what you'd like!


  1. Sides pieces are 4.8 in.x 6 in. (I apologize for the inaccurate Side pieces drawing)
  2. Front, back and bottom pieces are 4.8 in. x 12 in.

-the width/thickness of each piece of wood would be about 0.5 in.

Step 3: The Steps

Although this project may be as simple as it seems, I apologize for not actually having images taken from building the box so you could actually see the steps rather than just read.

So, here are the steps:

  1. gather all your materials needed for the jewelry box
  2. clear out your space for a clean and safe work space
  3. note down your measurements for the wood pieces
  4. measure your wood twice and make markings to create a line to follow when sawing it down
  5. cut all your pieces of wood needed
  6. if needed, get sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges
  7. after you've dealt with cutting your wood, start forming your box and holding it in place
  8. as you hold your pieces in place, see where you would like to place your metals nails so you could start drilling the holes
  9. after you have drilled your holes and nailed all your bottom, front, back, and sides together, secure all pieces by adding wood glue
  10. For your top/lid, you will need to find a place to add your hinges. This is so you're able to open and close your box. (you must drill and nail this in place)
  11. this optional, you may add your hasp/lock (drill and nail this into place as well)
  12. you have your completed box!

Here are some optional things to add to your box:

  • glue mirrors on the inside of your box
  • add velvet or velvet like material to coat the inside of your box
  • paint or glaze your box with whatever design you please