Introduction: Memory Wire Bangle

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This project started out as one of the most simple bracelets one could imagine: nothing but a nice colour-combo of beads on a single coil. However, adding the beads to the memory wire, the view of the beads being encased by the wire showed up. Short story told even shorter: it was exactly the right look!

Step 1: Materials

- memory wire
- pliers, I'd reccomend using something a bit stronger than jewelry pliers to cut the memory wire, it's quite strong
- beads
- gauge 26 wire

Step 2: Making a Loop

Use your round nose pliers to bend one of the ends into a loop. This may be a bit tricky, memory wire is harder to work with than other wire.

Step 3: Beading

Take your beads and experiment a bit with the order. Once you are happy with it, add them to the memory wire in the same order.

Step 4: A Second Loop

Once all the beads are on the memory wire in the right order, cut off any additional coils not needed for your project and bend the end into a loop.

Step 5: Locking the Beads

To prevent the beads from moving, take the thinner wire and connect the two coils as shown. Be sure to cut off the ends and work them away to prevent sharp endings poking out.

Step 6: Done!

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