Introduction: Message in a Playing Card!

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Do you need a secret plain-sight safe?

Well, these playing cards should do fine!

(You could also hide a micro sd card inside, but don't blame me if it gets lost/damaged )

This safe is made from two playing cards stuck together and the secret message is sandwiched in between.


2 playing cards from the same set.

Glue stick.

2 pieces of paper smaller than the playing cards.

Step 1: Sticking the Message

Stick one sheet of paper on the back of one of the playing cards.

Here I used newspaper, but any paper will do.

Now stick the secret message on the face of the second playing card.

Step 2: Making the Sandwich

Stick the face of the playing card with the message onto the back of the playing card with the newspaper,

but make sure that you don't get glue onto the message or newspaper!

Step 3: Mark the Card

So you know which card out of the 112 other uno cards is the one.

Step 4: Where to Hide

Hide it in a place where people will not look and where it will not come in contact with water.

You can try these hiding places:

Step 5: Thanks for Reading!

= )