Introduction: Micro Origami Throwing Star

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Here is a micro origami throwing star made from a small 1/8"x1.5" strip of paper.  The stip was cut in half to make both parts of the star.

To make the start you take one of the strips and fold the top right corner of the paper down to make a right right triangle. Then turn the paper on its side and fold the long end over to make an isosceles triangle with the previous triangle. Flip the paper over and fold the long end down to make another right triangle apposing the last fold. Flip the piece over again and fold the remaining length of paper from the top left corner down to meat the last fold into another isosceles triangle. Finally fold both right triangle at the ends of the piece over the back side of the opposing triangles in the center. 

For the send piece you start from the upper left corner and fold it into a right triangle. When done you should have two pieces that mirror each other. If we call the side without a line through the middle the back then place the pieces back to back and tuck the end points into the center line of the opposing piece. 

When completed the star is a hair over 3/8" (10mm) from tip to tip.

All the folds where made by hand. Due to the tiny nature of the star i had to use a push pin to get the last 2 corners tucked into place.