Introduction: Micro Coaster Track | a K'nex Ball Machine Path

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Hello again! I have for you a NEW k'nex ball machine path! This utilises the micro k'nex rollercoaster track, turned on its side so the ball can roll along it! Right, here are the pros and cons!

• Low friction so the ball slides along it quickly
• A great substitute for tubing path
• Makes micro k'nex useful

• Not as simple to connect it to original k'nex
• Can't turn vertically

Step 1: How to Build It!

The track is extremely simple to build, just follow the pictures!

1: Overview
2: Build these
3: Assemble
4: Assemble

Step 2: How to Connect It to Original K'nex!

So, I bet you were wondering how does it connect?

1: Overview
2: Build these
3: Assemble

Now, how does it connect from below? There are many ways however this is one simple way.

1: Overview
2: Build this
3: Asemble

Step 3: Finished!

Let me know what you think of this new path! Bye for now!