Introduction: Micro Uzi V2.0

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Okay, I fixed up the my original Micro Uzi, and I will probably post. I wanted to make a handle fed gun, but with a removable magazine. the trigger blocks behind the handle, so its 
THE FIRST GUN ON THE SITE to have a removable magazine in the handle AND a trigger which blocks behind the handle. If you want me to post, say so, & if 5 people ask, then I will. If it gets 4stars or over, then I will definitely post. Now to the Pros and cons.

-Removable magazine in the handle.
-Trigger blocks behind the handle.
-High mag cap.
-Mag connects only on one point, making it easily removable.
-Super quick reload.
-Awsome looks (Say otherwise? Leave a comment telling why.).
-Accurate(The innacuracy bumps in the handle where infuriating me.)
-Iron sights.
-Fake stock.
-No piece mods*.
-Much more sturdy.

Uncomfy handle. It has blue rods sticking out of it.*
Fires green rods.

So thats mainly it.
Thanks for reading, and remember to rate, comment and subscribe!


**You can modify those blue rods by cutting them, so its a con for a pro.