Introduction: Military Style Survival Kit

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When you get lost in the woods it make life A LOT easier than having to deal with things you have on hand and around you. This kit defiantly will help you in a survival situation. This kit is pretty cheap if you get it for the right price. You can find really cheap and in fairly good condition on

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

Again you can find the supplies on for a good bargain. I used 

- 1 Pair of military suspenders
- Military Pistol Belt
- 2 1-quart canteen pouches and canteens with cup and stand
- 1 compass pouch
- 1 Jungle first aid kit CASE
- 1 1-Gallon bag
- 6 small bags I got from ACE
- 1 compact-ish fishing kit
- 1 Folding knife with whetstone sharpener
- 1 small first aid kit
- 4 sets of snare wire
- 8 variety sizes of zip ties
- 1 compact sewing kit
- 3 cotton ball fire starters
- 1 paracord bracelet with exter cotton string rolled up
- 62 matches all together with 10 strike anywhere, 10 regular safety matches, 20 cardboard matches and 32 small box matches in compass pouch
- 1 deluxe wire saw
- 8 Wet Wipes
- 1 black bandana
- 1 10 function compass
- 1 swiss army knife
- 1 swiss + tech clip-on flashlight
- 1 Ranger Beads
- 1 Bear Grylls Priorities of survival pocket guide
- 1 ground to air signaling info
- 1 Essentials of first aid info
- 10 water purification tablets
- 1 Maylar Survival wrap
- 1 Roll camouflage duct tape

Step 2: Making the ACTUAL Kit

Put everything in it's own little bag, sort them by like items. Then put it all in the big bag!! But leave the hanky thing seperate

Step 3: The Small Pouch

Add the small box of matches with the 10 function compass and the swiss army knife. Even though it says ACE i'm still calling it a swiss army knife.

Step 4: Now Survive!

Go out and survive the mother we call nature!

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