Introduction: Milky (M & Ms) Cookies

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Super milky, super simple, super yummy!

You can add nuts, raisins, sweet chips (toffee, chocolate, coffee etc), M & Ms, or whatever you want :)

Sometimes I leave them as is and dip them in melted chocolate half way (you can also sprinkle them with crushed candies, sprinkles, grated nuts, chopped candied fruits!).

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

The key to these cookies, the milk paste. Available at almost all Asian stores (the brand I use is Hamer, the bottle is shown on the picture, but there are other brands. However, I chose that one as it states on the bottle, they are good even until 400 F of oven heat when used in baking).

1 C butter (dont substitute please)

3/4 c icing sugar

1/2 tbsp milk paste (for more milkier result, up to 1 tbsp works too!)

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 C AP flour

4 small bags/envelopes of mini M & Ms.

Cream butter and sugar, beat in paste and essence, just until combined. Add in flour followed with M & Ms.

Round dough by a tbsp and press flat with fork.

Bake at preheated 350 F for 9 minutes. Cool on rack.

Soooo good!

NOTE: Can't find the milk paste? Don't like milk flavor? Substitute with mocha paste, vanilla bean paste, coffee paste, chocolate paste, and you get variety of cookies ;-)

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