Introduction: Mindful Coffee

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Today we are going to learn to slow down and smell the coffee.

We are going to learn mindfulness and improve our level of happiness through coffee.

Step 1: Quality

Life is short choose what you enjoy and choose quality.

Know your coffee. Check the roast date. ultimately it should be about two weeks prior to now.
Read where it's from. Make note of which you like.

Step 2: Smell the Beans

Smell the whole beans.

Step 3: Choose Your Tool

There are so many ways to brew coffee.

Today we are doing Pour over. What a great method for focusing on mindfulness and happiness.

Step 4: Grind by Hand

The more work the longer it takes, generally, the better something is.

Grinding by hand not only forces you to slow down but produces a superior coffee.

It also allows you to enjoy the aroma of the coffee as it is ground.

Step 5: Smell the Grounds

Notice the different in scent from the whole beans.

Step 6: Boil Water

With many of these methods you will book the water yourself. This frees you from reliance on a Coffee machine.

Listen to the water flow and heat up. see it, smell it, feel it.

Step 7: Wet the Filter

You want to set the filter fort to take out any thing that may affect the coffee flavor.

Step 8: Place the Coffee

Place the coffee grounds I the filter.

Step 9: The Bloom

Pour just a little bit of boiling water over your grounds. Watch as it absorbs, bubbles us, and released an aroma of steam.

Step 10: Pour Over

Pour the boiling water over the grounds slowly. Do this in about 3 separate pours.

Step 11: Smell the Coffee

Again this is all about experiencing it. Smell it as it cools, feel the steam, feel the heat and weight of the cup.

Step 12: Taste and Enjoy

Taste and enjoy your coffee. Sit with it. Don't drink and drive. Sit.
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