MineCraft Zombie - Pencil/Pen Holder

Introduction: MineCraft Zombie - Pencil/Pen Holder

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In this guide I will show you how to make your own Minecraft zombie. This could be a little toy or can be quite practical in the sense that you could make it a quite cool looking desk tidy. This is a very easy thing to make and is quite effective.


Oil Pastels (Black and Green)
Masking Tape
25mm Styrofoam
Acrylic Paints


Hot Wire Cutter
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Templates

1. To start off you will need to draw the templates on the foam. I just drew them on with a ruler and didn't print off a template but I have prepared a template for anyone who would like it. its important to note that if you use the 25mm foam I used the head will need to be 50mm thick (2 pieces basically).

Step 2: Cutting

2. Once you have drawn the templates on the foam use the hot wire cutter to cut the templates out. If you don't have a hot wire cutter you could use a craft knife. also at this point you can pierce the holes in the arms so it can hold the pencils. To make the hole you just use the pencil to pierce through (sorry there is no picture I forgot to take it :p).

Step 3: Glue (Only the Head)

3. Glue the head together. you could effectively use 50mm Styrofoam for the head if you wanted too I just found it easier to use what I had.

Step 4: Painting

4. Now you can paint all of the parts. you can use mine as reference or get a picture up. I recommend using masking tape keep it accurate. you use the masking tape to cover up areas you don't want to have painted the colour you are using (e.g. if I have already painted the green on the arm I would use masking tape to cover the green so when painting the blue I don't get blue on the green part)

Step 5: Pastel(ing)

5. Now you can draw the details onto the head. using the oil pastel (or paint if you want to) draw the eyes on and also to draw the nose on.

Step 6: Assembly

6. Now you have the details and its all painted you can assemble the zombie and finish. Just attach the head to the body fairly central and then put the arms on the side. just look at the picture for reference. Now you can enjoy your Zombie.

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