Minecraft 3 Mobs Silverfish/creeper/endermen

Introduction: Minecraft 3 Mobs Silverfish/creeper/endermen

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Step 1: Sliverfish

This is a little mob that's pretty harmful
Watch out when your mining in caves!
Takes 1 2 or 3 hit kill for these mobs

Step 2: Creeper

A mob that goes after you when u strike them or vice versa takes 3 to 4 hits to kill this but watch out back off when you hear SSSssssssss

Step 3: Endermen

These mobs are pretty hard to kill takes 5 to 10 hits to kill endermen they hit you hard! They make Purple particles when they teleport

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    8 years ago

    To decide if it's a silverfish block , try breaking it by hand . It takes 3 seconds with hand to destroy silverfish blocks but lot more time to break with pick axe and vice versa about normal stones .

    Creepers notice if you're in their radius , not about striking . Hit them once , go back for 1.5 blocks and repeat . They get "charged" when hit by lightning and deal 1.5 times more than TNT if charged . A normal creeper has 3/4 of explosion in comparison with that of a TNT .

    Never look at endermen . They spawn at deserts but teleport here and there , they are fragile against water as well as rain , so deserts make their perfect conditions . If you're willing to kill them , hit once , take cover at the corner of a wall and repeat .

    Drops: creepers drop GUNPOWDER , endermen drop ENDER PEARLS and silverfish ... Nothing . The drop rate of creeper is way more than an enderman .

    Endermen are dangerous . If you're a fan of HTTYD , the best way to describe them is " the unholy offspring of ender-dragon and death itself . Never engage this "mob" . Your only chance ... Hide and pray it does not find you"

    Thanks for explaining all the intricacies. Creepers can be hard to deal with especially for beginners. Thanks for sharing!