Introduction: Minecraft Chairs and Sofas

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Hey guys! Long time no see! This is another instructable on making MC chairs and sofas! Hope you like it! It took me a long time to make this instructable!

Step 1: High Chair #1

Materials: stone slab, oak fence

1. Place the fence
2. Place the stone slab

Step 2: High Chair #2

Materials: fence,signs,oak stair

1. Place fence
2. Place oak stair
3. Place signs on both sides

Step 3: Regular Chair #1

Materials: oak slab, signs

1. Place the slab
2. Place signs around

Step 4: Regular Chair #2

Materials: oak stair, signs

1. Place the stair
2. Place signs on the sides

Step 5: Regular Chair #3

Materials: oak stairs

1. Place oak stairs in the picture above

Step 6: Fancy Chair

Ok, this one I got from ZiggzaggZebra but i changed it a bit. (BTW check out her instructables and follow her cause she's my best friend!)

Materials: trapdoors, door, oak plank

1. Place slab
2. Place the door behind it
3. Place trapdoors
4. Close them

Step 7: Throne

Materials: gold block (or whatever it is) , quartz slab, quartz block, quartz stairs

1. Place the stairs facing each other leaving a space in the middle

2. Place the slab in the middle

3. Place the quartz block in the back

4. Place the gold block in the middle and quartz blocks in the sides

5. Place a row of quartz slabs on top

6. Place one more quartz slab on top in the middle

Step 8: Bench #1

Materials: signs, oak stairs

1. Place the oak stairs
2. Place the signs on the sides

Step 9: Bench #2

Materials: any block, oak stair, oak slab

1. Place your block and put the stairs
2. Place the slab in the middle
3. Break the blocks

Step 10: Bench #3

Materials: oak stairs oak slab

** this doesn't look like a chair or something but I just like it cause it looks cool **

1. Place stairs
2. Place slab in the middle

Step 11: Regular Sofa

Materials: quartz block, quartz stairs, quartz slabs

1. Place the blocks
2. Place the stairs
3. Place the slabs in the middle
4. Place the Slabs on top

Step 12: Cozy Sofa

Materials: cyan wool, stone slabs

1. Place the wool
2. Place more wool on the sides
3. Put the slabs in between

Step 13: Beach Chair #1

Materials: quartz stairs, quartz slabs

1. Place the stair
2. Place the slab

Step 14: Beach Chair #2

Materials: quartz block, quartz slab

1. Place the block
2. Place the slabs (2)

Step 15: Corner Chair

Materials: corner, signs, oak stair

1. Find a corner and place signs like in the picture above

2. Place signs at the ends

Step 16: The Last Chair

Materials: trapdoors, oak slab

1. Place slab
2. Place trapdoors and close them

Step 17: Thanks!

Hope you liked it!!!!!!!!! If you make these chairs or sofas pls put it in the comments! Also comment which one was YOUR fave and what I should do next! Pls like too!

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