Minecraft Hideout/bunker

Introduction: Minecraft Hideout/bunker

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Want to make a hunger games map yourself make a hidden bunker!

Step 1: Base

Build a 5x5 out of dirt then put a 3x3 end portal there put a cobblestone fence there to remember it's yours

Step 2: Inside

Now dig a hole to bedrock then make a 3x3 inside has to be as big as end portal.
Then take some dirt and put 2 dirt there to get out.
If your in survival put crafting table,furnace,chests and stonecutter

Step 3: Craft and Fight!

Now craft fighting items and go fight the other rivals!!!!!!

Step 4: Disguise!

This is my Disguise for my bunkers!

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    peach girl
    peach girl

    8 years ago

    thank you for the tip


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes. We need more Minecraft-literature mashups. I'd love to see a Minecraft version of the Hatchet crash site. Or the beach from Lord of the Flies.