Introduction: Minecraft How To: Secret Doors No. 1

In tis tutorial, I will be teaching you how to make a secret entrance to a room or a maze or whatever you want it to be for.

Step 1: Blocks

The blocks we'll be using will be a sign, a painting, and four of any kind of blocks you want (the block must be able to have a sign on it).

Step 2: Get Building!!!

The first thing to do to build the secret door is to build a stack of two blocks, then do the same three blocks over. Then place signs on the side where they'll be facing each other. Finally, place paintings on the edges of the signs. The sides of the signs will act like another block and you can walk through them.

Step 3: Make More

Now you can make more like a three stack of blocks for big paintings (just don't make the gap more than two blocks apart).