Introduction: Minecraft PE 0.9.0: Stuff to Know

The biggest update to minecraft PE has come out today! Here are some things you should know about Minecraft PE 0.9.0.

Step 1: Blocks

Mojang has added a lot of new blocks, 41 I think. These contain new trees, dyed clay, new grass, mushrooms, and more.

Step 2: Mobs

In creative, you can now spawn all mobs you find in the game plus more. You can also tame wolfs with a bone.

Step 3: Villages

Now Minecraft has villages with villages.

Step 4: Biomes

Mesas, jungle, swamps, these are some of the new biomes added to Minecraft PE.

Step 5: Flowers/Plants

There are now lots of new pretty flowers and plants.

Step 6: Advance Settings

Advance settings now allow you to have a limited world, a unlimited world, or a super flat world.

Step 7: Interactive Button

This new button only appears when you want to shear sheep, tame wolfs, and command your wolf. In order to use it on the animal move your finger over the animal or your "+" thing in the middle of the screen to make the button appear.

Step 8: That's It!

That's all that the New stuff for Minecraft PE. There might be more that I missed but I think I covered all of it.