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hello everybody, i did a minecraft sword as a pendant for a necklace, with plastic and acrylic paint.

Step 1:

You need plastic. I take a little transparent plastic box. You can use plastic waste to recycling, to give a new life at your waste!

you need also :

- a cutter (sharpened)

- scotch tape

- a thumbtack

- a very fine brush

- an other brush (for the varnish)

- squared paper or graph paper

- a pen

- a metal rule

- acrylic paint, (primary colors)

- transparent acrilyc varnish or transparent nail polish

- cordon or chain for the necklace

- a little ring (for attach the pendant with the necklace)

- and a plier (for clamp the ring)

Step 2: Draw a Grid of the Size of Your Choice

the sword is composed by 16 littles squares from the handle to tip, you can find a model in pictures on internet with the search sword minecraft.

draw a diagonal line of 16 little squares to have an idea of the size if it can help you.

Step 3: Draw Your Sword

with you minecraft sword model, you have just to draw it with a pen.

you can always print your model.

Step 4: Cut Up the Shape

with a cutter or scissors. try to be precise to have a beautiful shape

Step 5: Fix the Paper Shape and Cut Plastic

with the scotch tape, fix the paper shape on a side to the transparent plastic. turn the plastic and on the other side you can cut following the contour of the shape. use the cutter with straight, little and several incisions on the plastic with the metal rule (i used a little piece of wood but metal is preferable)

Step 6: Cut Following Shape's Contour

turn the plastic ans cut at the same, the contour for have a good incision. detach the plastic shape of rest of the plastic.

Step 7: Recreate Incesion Like Little Squares

take corner at corner to cut lines in the shape. don't cut completely, just like a little incision in plastic

Step 8: Use Acrylic Paint

you can use nail polish but you need some colors:

a deep dark blue

an other dark blue

a dark turquoise

a light turquoise

and 3 different brown or shades of brown

if you use acrylic :

for the "deep dark blue" : use a dose of primary blue, half of this quantity in green and a tiny bit of black

add white at this color to create the other dark blue. for the turquoise take a dose of primary blue, a tiny bit of yellow and a dose of white, add black to create the dark turquoise

for the brown, use a dose of red a dose of yelow a tiny bit of blue and a tiny bit of black. to vary this color, add red or yellow as you want.

Step 9: My Favorite Part, the Painting

use the brush to paint the plastic shape. the border of the sword is made of the deep dark blue except the handle.

the interior of "the cross-guard" is in the other dark blue and in the dark turquoise as the interior of the "blade" and the "pommel" (one square for the pommel) . the rest of the blade is in the light turquoise.

Step 10: Make a Little Hole for Attach the Ring

use a thumbtack for sting the plastic, if it's to thick, you can use a nail and a hammer. make this hole on the top of the pommel

Step 11: Varnish Your Plastic Shape

when your paint is dry, (it's pretty fast), you can use a brush to spread the varnish on the shape, you can put a good amount to give a shiny effect at your pendant.

Step 12: Attach to the Necklace

open the ring, pass the ring through the hole and put the chain inside the ring, then close the all with your plier

Step 13: Your Necklace Is Completed!

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