Introduction: Minecraft Party Glasses

In this lesson, you will learn to design a cool pair of party glasses!

Step 1: Your Starting Block

We need something to build with!


  1. Start by dragging the Box shape to the Workplane.
  2. You can find the Box shape in the panel on the right side of the screen.

Step 2: Scale It a Bit Smaller

Let's adjust the size a bit.


  1. Scale it smaller to a height of 5mm tall and size it to 6 x 6mm.
  2. You can adjust the "Snap grid" located in the lower right corner of the editor from 1.0 to 0.5.
  3. Great!

Step 3: Start Building

A quick way to duplicate Boxes is to press and hold the ALT key on the keyboard while you use are moving a Box. Yay!


  1. Now, drag the Box to the area outlined in Orange.
  2. Copy & Paste the Box to fill in the rest of the outlined areas.

Step 4: Continue Building

Now, let's stretch the last one a bit.


  1. Scale it to 24mm long to fill the area outlined in orange.

Step 5: Continue Building

Let's s make a few more.


  1. Copy & Paste the long ones to the outlined areas. Nice!

Step 6: You've Got the Moves!

You've got the moves!

Remember the ALT button when moving a Box!


  1. Let's fill in the remaining outlined areas.

Step 7: Almost There!

You're almost done!


  1. Select all the objects.
  2. Group them together by clicking on the "Group" button on the toolbar.

Step 8: Party On!

Great job, you made it!