Introduction: Minecraft TNT Force Field

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Hello once again people! Gammerguy here or thePYROhobo in minecraft with one of my favorite contraptions in minecraft! The TNT Force Field! This Minecraft contraption is one of my favorites because it involves explosives and redstone. To make this you will need:

Way more TNT than you could ever make (No seriously think of all the TNT you've ever made, multiply that by like ten and then square it by thirteen and you still won't have enough TNT.)

Four Redstone

Two Ladders

One bucket of water

Twelve blocks of whatever (any block)

Step 1: L Thingies

First, get six blocks of anything-you-can-find then place two on the ground and one on top in an L shape. Then, get two ladders and place them on the top block and the block on the bottom that doesn't have any block on it. Next, place a Dispenser behind the L shapes so that an empty space is in front of the Dispenser. Place water on the empty space, make sure it doesn't spill out. You're done with the L shape thingies.

Step 2: Redstone Stairs!

Behind the dispenser one block, place three blocks on the ground in a row and make another three row on top of it. Place three blocks in a row on the side facing away from the Dispenser. This part is important because the contraption doesn't work without it. Replace the row that connects the L together with redstone. Then, below the the top row place three redstone torches. This should act like a redstone comparator and start to blink very fast. I like this set up because it costs less resources to use in minecraft rather than using a restone comparator.

Step 3: TNT!!!

Fill up your chest with as much TNT as possible and then some just in case.

Step 4: Finished!

To activate this contraption just place some redstone that connects the stairs to the dispenser. Please note that this contraption will kill you unless you are standing behind one of the blocks near it so watch out!

That's all guys! I hope you enjoy this thing! I find it really helpful when I want to keep mobs and other players away from me. Please comment and follow if you want some more minecraft instructables and BAIIIIIIIIII!!!