Introduction: Minecraft Tardis

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Hello this is my first so don't judge me. I am an avid whovian and am always finding ways to combine my favorite things. Via. Minecraft and Doctor Who. In this Instructables I will show you how to make a tardis that is really bigger on the inside. Please enjoy

Step 1: World

First make a new world in creative, it can be super flat or normal. I'm going to make it flat for clarity.

Step 2: Bare Bones

First thing You need to do is to give yourself a command block. (137) You will also need these for the exterior: -blue wool -stone slabs -signs -red stone torch/lamp -command block said above -stone pressure plate

Step 3: 1st Layer

Cut a 9x9 square in the ground. Lay out one edge block with the command block and all the others blue wool. Don't touch the command block yet!

Step 4: 2nd Layer

Line the sides with blue wool and a pressure plate in the very middle.

Step 5: 3rd and 4th Layer

Layout all around the sides but leave the hole for door In blue wool. Layout all sides in blue wool but leave the middle out. Inside the middle leave a red stone torch.

Step 6: Last Layer

Put a layer of stone slabs on the sides and the lamp in the middle. On the outsides put the signs. You can put writing on the signs but I didn't.

Step 7: Coordinates

Now for the command block. Press F3 and find the coordinate part ( x y z ) Go to the inside part of your tardis exterior and Write Down the coordinates. Mine are 8.3 237 12.43 they have to be exact. Now find where your interior will be. Place a command block at the interior entrance/exit. Find the coordinates for the interior and write them down. Mine are -111.5 239 123.72

Step 8: Input Coordinates

Type in /tp @p then your coordinates on the opposite command block that you got them, if that makes sense. :) Fill in block in exterior.

Step 9: Redstone Stuff

If you want your tardis to seem like it is traveling you need to clear out a medium sized hole near your command block. Then just copy what the pictures do. Sry but that is all I can do for now. It all involve x-or gates or whatever. I don't know the real terms.

Step 10: Interior Design

Excuse the pun but this is really when you get to design your own personal tardis on the inside. Make it huge make it small I dont care. Just make it how you like it. But remember to put those levers in the console table so you can travel to different worlds. Here is what I did.

Step 11: Other Worlds

To travel to other worlds set your spawn point at the tardis then fly away to some far land and make an exterior there. Remember the command block codes! Enter them at the one of the three in the interior and at the new exterior. My new codes are are 239.39 237 222.26 and -10.49 237 -276.3

Step 12: Be a Mad Man With a Blue Box

Hope you liked this instructable. It took me a while but all whovians will love it. Show your friends and laugh when they say " It's bigger on the inside!" have fun.