Introduction: Minecraft Torch Nightlight

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Made from recycled materials, this torch gives off a gentle glow. A great nightlight for minecrafters big and small.

Step 1: Supplies


A cereal or similarly shaped cardboard box

Clear, flat plastic from blueberry or other containers

Yellow or orange cellophane

A plug-in nightlight (I found mine at the dollar store)

Brown paint

Clear tape

Aluminum foil (not pictured)





Craft knife

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Measure the width of the short side of the box, then mark and cut that same distance from the edge on the front of the box, creating a symmetrical torch shape with squares for the two smallest sides. Cut out one of these square sides (this will be the top of the torch). Cut a flat piece to complete the rectangular prism.

Step 3: Make a Hole for the Night Light

Cut a hole that is bigger than your night light in the flat piece you just made (mine is a little small in the picture; I later decided to make it bigger). Plug in the night light and test the hole size on it. When we are done, the torch should hang on it loosely and at an angle (authentic, right?).

Step 4: Make It Reflective and Close It Up

Tape some aluminum foil inside the torch, shiny side showing. Then tape the flat piece on securely.

Step 5: Make the Flame

Measure the open end of your torch. Cut out five plastic squares that are slightly smaller than the end of the torch, so that the cube you make will slide in. Make a net as shown, tape each place two squares touch, fold into a cube, and tape again. To decorate, tape two overlapping strips of cellophane with one cellophane square over them for each side. I used elmer's glue in the picture, but it doesn't look as good as tape. You could experiment with gluestick or some other method too.

Step 6: Paint the Torch Body

Paint it with a few coats of brown until you can't see the commercials on the box anymore. :) I left it solid brown, but you could try painting pixels of differing shades of brown.

Step 7: Assemble and Use

When your torch is dry, slide the flame box into the top. Plug in the night light and set your torch on it. Enjoy the gentle glow and a night free of monsters!

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