Introduction: Mini Crossbow,

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the end result.,,,

Step 1: Mini, Crossbow,,,

what you will need

7 standard sized lolly pop sticks

1 jumbo lolly pop stick


super glue

2 hair clips as shown in the pics

about 8 inches of string, i use stripped para cord


some thread

and round shaped stick

Step 2: Glue the Edges.,,,

get 2 sticks and super glue the edge of one stick


Step 3: Grab 2 Sticks.,,,

hold the 2 sticks together

until bonded

Step 4: Add the Stick Down the Middle,,,

now grab another stick

run super glue down the face of the stick

and press it onto the other 2 sticks

making sure it is pressed down the middle of the other 2

Step 5: Join the 2 Together,,,

now do exactly the same with

the other 3 sticks

then super glue the face of the stick that runs down the middle of the 2 sticks

press tightly bonding the 2 middle sticks

Step 6: The Picture,,

the picture shows how it should look upto now

now at either end measure 1cm

mark it & then cut it at either end.

Step 7: Cut the Jumbo Lolly Pop Stick,,,

grab your cutters and the jumbo lolly pop stick.

cut the rounded ends off

then cut 2 pieces of 2 &1/2 inch

grab the 2 hair clips

add wood glue or use a glue gun

and grab 1 hair clip click or pop it onto the other side

grab the metal in the middle and with some manipulation the metal will snap off (they snap very easily)

then add glue to the bigger end of the hair clip

then press and hold the glued end onto the end of 1 of your 2 & 1/2 inch pieces of lolly pop stick.,,

Step 8: Do the Same ,,

do the same to the other end of your 2 & 1/2 inch piece of stick

now grab your other stick and do the same

glue and press it

so the hair clips look like they are sandwiched.,,,

now super glue one end of the rails.

to the limbs ( a word used in crossbow,meaning the bit where the string attaches )

Step 9: Add the String,,

now grab your string

and push it through the small holes which are already there

pull the string until its near the end

then tie a small knot

do the same at the other end

Step 10: Super Glue the String,,,

super glue the string

as this makes the string alot more stronger

after that

pull the string back as far as it will go

make a pencil mark where the string reached

and at an angle carefully saw the wood where the pencil mark is

do this both ways.

as in the pic above you want a v shape.,,

Step 11: Fair Play to You,as This Is the End,,,

now just infront of the v shape

saw straight down

until you reach no further than the second layer

then cut at a slight angle , upto the straight down cut

this will be the string holder.,,,

now taking your round shaped stick

lay it in the v mark and then cut off the unwanted bit

now super glue the round stick piece in to the v

with your last stick cut as shown in the pic ,the shape of a cricket bat

this will be the trigger

hold the bat shaped stick on the glued round bit

grab some thread and you want to cris cross this to hold the trigger in place add super glue to the thread.,,

and thats it folks

please stay safe,wear protective clothing

and happy hobbying.,,

Step 12: