Introduction: Mini Drum Set From Recycled Mailing Tube

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This mini diorama of a drum set is a cool model that you can actually play on! Easy to make, you can give it as a gift for people who like drums, or you can keep it yourself!


1) one MAILING TUBE, or if you don't have one, any other tube will work

2) three different types of PLASTIC (the firmer the better)

3) Three SODA CANs, clean them out first!

4) one POPSICAL stick

5) a small handful of WOODEN SKEWERS


7) some TINFOIL

8) a roll of DUCT TAPE

9) a pair of SCISSORS



12) optional: some BLACK PAINT and some BLUE PAINT

Step 1: Cut Up the Mailing Tube

To make the drum bodies, we need to cut up the mailing tubes. Use your box cutter to make two long sections, each should be about 2 inches tall. Then, make two more cuts, making one 1-inch section and another section that is slightly smaller.

Step 2: Add the Plastic to the Big Drums

Select two of the three types of plastic and cut them so that they can fit over the mailing tube. Put a THIN line of hot glue on the side, then stretch the plastic over the top of the mailing tube section. The reason you only want a thin line of hot glue is so that you don't burn yourself. Save the third type of plastic for later.

Step 3: Cut Up the Cans

Get all three of the cans ready. Take the first can and the top and bottom off, leaving just a metal tube. Take the second one and cut the top and bottoms off. On the second one, make a cut down the side to make a sheet of metal. Repeat what you did for the second can for the third.

Step 4: Making the Steel Drums

Take the rubber band, the two smaller mailing tube sections, the tinfoil and one of pieces of sheet metal. Trace the outline of one of the small mailing tube sections on the sheet metal. Cut it out and hot glue it to the piece of sheet metal. Take the second one and attach the tinfoil in the same way you attached the plastic onto the tall mailing tube sections. On the one with the tinfoil, take the rubber band and hot glue it to the bottom. It should be firm, but not too firm. The rubber band helps create a good sound.

Step 5: Making the Big Drum

Now that we have made all of the drums from the mailing tube, we need to make the big drum for the center. Take the large center section of the soda can you didn't turn into sheet metal. We will turn it into the big drum. Make two cuts on either side of the tube, making sure to only cut 1/2 an inch (1.5 cm) deep. Take the popsical stick and insert it into the cuts you just made. Secure with hot glue. Then, take the third type of plastic and stretch it loosely over the tube on the side with the popsical stick. It should be loose but not too loose.

Step 6: Making the Symbols

Take the other sheet of metal from the soda cans and trace the two circles the size of the mailing tube onto it. Cut them out. Take the scissors and poke a large hole into each of the circles. Make sure a skewer can slide through easily. Cut two small pieces of cardboard, then make a hole in each one. This time, make sure that a skewer gets stuck when it tries to pass through. Take one skewer and put one cardboard piece on the upper end of it. Place one of the circles on top of it. Repeat for the other piece of cardboard and the other circle.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

Take the top and bottom of one of the cans and hot glue it to the cardboard. Make holes in each one with the scissors. Hot glue one skewer into each one. Place the big drum in between the two skewers and secure with another one running between the two. Attach both of the larger drums to the sides of the rig. Hot glue the two smaller drums together, then to the top of the one big drum. Take the symbol setup and hot glue it to the backside of the rig.

Step 8: Painting It!

If you have some paint, Paint it! I painted the drums black with blue paint on pieces of tape, and the skewers I also painted blue. Take two skewers and add a little hot glue to the tops of both. They will be your drumsticks. now you're done! Please like and share!

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