Introduction: Mini Flower Shadow

About: Electronics DIY Club in wuxi China.

If you think this is a simple ornament, you're wrong.

Digital art is the use of digital technology and computer programs and other means of combination, in-depth excavation, so as to design a piece of excellent work.

This is a tedious and tedious process that needs to be designed and tested bit by bit.

So it's not just a product, but a combination of math, nature, art, vision and science.

Step 1: Make a Shell.

After we designed the drawings of the shell, we chose the laser cutting method to cut the wood chips into the desired shape, using screws and glue to secure them together.

Step 2: Rotating Flower-like Ornaments

Rotating flower-like ornaments on the top are carefully designed and then printed by 3D printer. The advantages of 3D printing are obvious, integrated molding, short time, no waste of material, etc.

Step 3: Assembly

When we have all the materials ready, we assemble the housing, flower-like ornaments, and circuit boards together. I installed a lithium battery inside that is battery-powered and more portable.

We also have a remote control that adjusts the frequency of the lights flashing and the control switch.