Introduction: Mini Glider Drop Rig for Mini Drones

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This super simple project uses only kid-safe tools and parts. It works best indoors in a gymnasium, but may also work outdoors on a day with zero wind.

This project is a miniaturized version of our other instructable Launch a Glider via Drone, with a few modifications. - Instead of using the threads and cap from a soda bottle and rotation as the release mechanism, this version uses mildly sticky poster tack and the drone's flip feature to release the glider.

Watch the video to see how it works.

Video Link

Step 1: Get the Parts Needed

  • circular foam dining plate
  • poster tack
  • safety scissors
  • small toy drone (we used a $13 USD Eachine E010 RTF drone)

Step 2: Cut the Plate in Half

Cut the foam plate in half.

If the plate is warped at all, cut perpendicular to the warping.

Step 3: Cut Out the Glider

Cut out the flat part of one plate-half

This semicircle will form the flying wing style glider.

Step 4: Add Winglets

Gently warp the ends of the wing upwards to form winglets to help stabilize the glider.

Make sure each crease is parallel to the direction of flight, not diagonal.

Step 5: Balance the Center of Gravity

Add a bit of poster tack around the nose of the glider.

Gently toss the glider forwards and see if it continues to fly forwards.

If it does not fly forwards, add a bit more tack and retry tossing it until it glides smoothly.

If it descends too quickly, you can bend the rear edge of the wing upwards slightly to act as elevons.

Step 6: Attach Glider to Drone Using Poster Tack

Using the tack already attached to the glider, mildly stick the glider onto the drone so that it hangs nose-up underneath the drone. You want it to be attached just far enough that the motion of flipping the drone will cause the drone to release the glider, but it will not release while being lifted straight upwards.

Step 7: Launch the Drone/Glider Combo!

In a location without wind, launch the drone with the glider straight upwards. Lift it up as high as you want. Make sure you just tow it straight upwards.

When you are ready to launch straight upwards, then flip the drone to release the glider. On the drone I used (Eachine E010 RTF) has a flip button already built in, which is fairly standard on little toy drones.

If the glider stickiness is wearing away after several flights, you can try wiping water on it to regain stickiness.

Step 8: You Got It!

If you've followed this tutorial, you have now made a simple glider dropping rig for mini drones!

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Happy flying!

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