Mini House

Introduction: Mini House

I took the idea from:

I made a mini house in cardboard with the lasercutter
It is 16 cm high and 11 cm wide.
I made a sketch and then I draw my idea in Illustrator and used cardboard (40x50cm) to make the house. The cardboard was 2,5 mm thick.
The lasercutter I used was a Trotec Lasercutter Speedy 300.

Step 1:

- Make sure the lines in illustrator are 0,001 cm thick and are in the color red.
- The categorie material on: Paper and the name on: Cardboard
- The power on 100%
- The speed on 0,07
- Cut it two times (make sure you don’t move your cardboard!)

Step 2:

When everything was cut I glued my house together with cardboard. Exept for the four big walls, they’re connected with litte hinges, which I glued on the cardboard. I did this with woodglue. I painted the mini fence white with spray paint. (I did this before I glued them on!)
For the rooftop I used a kind of sandpaper. It normally is used for skateboards, there they call it gridpaper.

I draw a lot of brick with a fineliner. Later, I thought it was so much easier to engrave those brick! So, If you like that aspect of this house, it’s maybe faster and easer to engrave it.

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