Introduction: Mini Office With All Essentials


Like many I was asked to work from home, so I quickly converted my living room into my office with all essentials. Within half an hour I was able to grab all essentials and started working, all thanks to my family support and the number of clips I used to hold stuff to the laptop table, within my hands reach.

I felt the need to keep myself entertained and updated with news while working, so I decided using living room with TV as office and basement for 3D printing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) face shields, while my family watch TV in the dinning room and utilize rest of the house.

Step 1: Essentials and Arrangement

Following are some essentials I arranged around me, within my reach

1) Clock for time

2) TV for News and entertainment

3) Fan if I feel hot

4) Speaker (with Bluetooth) for music, if got bored from News on TV

5) Mobile mounted right on top of laptop, is connected to my bluetooth headphones for communication

6) Laptop for work

7) Remote for TV

8) Book to write notes, I use calculator in laptop

9) Pen to write

10) Tablet is connected to my security camera on front door as well as my cameras in basement where I do 3D printing, to check 3D print status

11) Headphones connected to mobile for phone calls

12) Mouse for laptop


14) Gloves

15) Mask


17) Sanitizer

18) Medicine

19) Exercise bike, when I take break from work

20) Couch to take nap

21) Table to keep work stuff, it's drawer contains all my work files and folders and it has LED lights below it if I need to search

22) Scratch tool - I sometimes feel like scratching my back

23) Dice are my fidget, I play with it when I am lost and need to think to get ideas

24) Files WIP (work In Progress)

25) LED light (USB) if I need to read fine stuff

26) Magnifying glass, if I need to read fine stuff

27) Laptop table

28) Chair

29) Multi-port charger - I forgot to mention, but it is right besides the remote

30) There are some toy cars and 3D printed stuff like the angle, just to play with

Some people might already be showing some symptoms, like coughing or sneezing, you should add tissues and a small dust bin / garbage bin close to you.

If you observe closely I have used too many clips, the gloves and mask is on a measuring scale clipped to the table, the tablet is supported by clamps, I even clipped wires in some places, not visible in the picture.

So lot of clips and clamps on the table for the stuff, helps me stick around one place for long (except when I wish to freshen up)

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