Introduction: 10 Part to Make Infinite Number of Ideas

Basically I am a mechanical engineer, helping young engineers and engineering students.

I always learned to make or design things simple and easy, besides I love if the creation is multi purpose and modular. So I gave this set of 10 parts, which I felt is easy to use and make infinite number of ideas. I gave the 3D printed parts to the students and after a bit playing around and having fun, they started providing solutions out of it. I am posting only those I felt great.

Step 1: Download and 3D Print Parts

I printed all the parts from PLA, all links were 20% infill with 1mm shell thickness, all pins were solid fill.

Step 2: First Team of Two Students Made Anti Aircraft Gun

So as soon as I provided the parts to the first team of two students, they felt as if they are playing lego. They used parts to make it appear as two aircraft in air and an anti aircraft gun. I loved their creativity.

Step 3: Second Team Made Mobile Stands

The next team of two were more creative, one of them was getting too many calls, while his hands were full of 3D printed parts, he felt it is best to utilize to make a mobile holder. They made 1 & 2 configurations quickly, then while imagining more they kept on asking for more parts and landed up making 3 more configurations.

Step 4: My Kitchen Stirring Crane

While working with them, i realized that I can utilize same concept, make variety of parts to make my kitchen stirring crane. This is a separate instructable.

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