Mini Pancakes and Sausage Snack

Introduction: Mini Pancakes and Sausage Snack

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I just love food in sticks, it makes them so practical and great for snacks and appetizers. Pancakes are always a success in my house so I decided to make them a little different this time.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Pancake mix

Milk (i use coconut milk)

2 eggs (or what your pancake mix asks for)

Ketchup bottle (from the dollar store)



Step 2: Pancake Mix

Make your pancake mix following the instructions of your box. I always add 1 extra tablespoon of milk because I like them thinner.

Pour the mixture in the ketchup bottle.

Step 3: Make Mini Pancakes

Pour little dots of the mixture in a hot buttered pan. Flip them to have both sides cooked perfectly.

Step 4: Sausage

Cut the sausage in 1/2" slices.

Put them in a hot pan with oil and flip them after 2 minutes.

Step 5: Make the Sticks

Grab a stick and put two little pancakes in it. Then put a sausage, this will make the pancakes stay in place and will give the salty taste in every bite! Mmm..

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy!

Serve it with some maple syrup and enjoy!

Follow me for more delicious recipes and cool DIYs!

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