Introduction: Mini Pumpkin Man (with Fireworks)

So recently i decided to grow my own pumpkin. but sadly it didnt all go plan and the plant died before the pumpkin could get any bigger. but i dont like wasting things so i decided to make a mini pumpkin with arms and shoot fireworks out the top. here is a small instructable explaining how i did it.

Step 1: Step One Arms

step one is to make arms for your pumpkin. there is lots of different ways you could do this. the easiest would be to just stick 2 pens into each side of the pumpkin. but i decided to 3d print some little arms and then heat them with a lighter to shape them.but if you dont have a 3d printer then you dould do the pen method or uses something like paper machete or the inside of toilet rolls.

Step 2: Step Two Carving

The next step is to carve your pumpkin. The best way to do this is with a small pocket knife or a small carving knife. and then you need to empty it out with a small spoon and carve its face. if you are going to light fireworks inside of yours i would recemend making the mouth bigger so you can have better acces to the fuse of the firework.

Step 3: Step Three Arms

the last step is to gently put the arms in the side of the pumpkin. just aply even presure to the arm and the pumpkin and it should stab into the pumpkin and stay fine.

Step 4: Final Step

the final step is to take some pictures of it and have some fun seting fireworks off inside it.

here is a video of it

thanks for reading

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