Introduction: The Modern Witch

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I have seen people doing halloween drones before but I have never seen anyone do a micro or mini one and have always wanted to make one. I was recently scrolling through the instructables contests page and noticed a halloween one and this finaly gave me a good excuse to make this. I call it the modern witch and it is a witch on a broomstick flying with a tiny whoop drone. I used a 3d printing pen to make the witch and bought the drone but there is other ways to make the witch which i will explain and it doesnt just have to be mounted on a drone, it can be used to be just stuck onto the wall or cabinate as shown.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

So here is the first step

This step is the easiest. you have to gather all the materials and tools. which are listed below.





5.bluetack or imagination

Step 2: The Drawing

step 2 for some people will be the hardest.

you have to draw out the witch or you can print out the witch and cut the witch out and stick it onto the drone. This bit is quite difficult if you are not good at drawing so I would recemend printing it or if you know someone who is good at drawing just give it to them. you could also try to trace it off the screen if you want but remember to make it the right size. If you do draw it remember to label it in some way so you know what colour the different parts need to be.

Step 3: Making the Witch

Start putting the different colours of the witch do this step you can use the slow extrusion button on the 3d printing pen which is the top one for the small parts of the witch to get more accuracy and when you do the bigger bits you can use the slower button on the bottom to do the outline and then the fast button to do the inside. I have shown this in the pictures with the purple part and the shoes.

Quick tips:
So that you don’t have to waste plastic or spend a long time changing the colours you can cut the plastic down a bit with scissors or pliers and wait for the doodler to get to a good temperature before starting to get good extrusion.

Step 4: Removing the Witch From the Paper

The next step is to remove the witch from the paper. this can be tricky to do but sometimes it will come off in one piece easily and sometime it breaks, but dont worry if you break it by accident though because I did this and you can just 3d printing pen it back together as shown or glue it.

Step 5: Test to See How It Will Look

Now hold it up to see if it fits well and see how it looks and where it looks best. You can also inspect it for any imperfections and these can be fixed before mounting it to the drone.

Step 6: Mounting It to the Drone

Now all that is left to do is to mount it to the drone. To do this just put some blue tac onto the feet of the wicked witch and then stick it down onto the drone firmly or you can use hot glue. Now you can enjoy scaring people and cats with it.
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