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Introduction: Mini Skee-Ball

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I made my Mini Skee-Ball board in Tinkercad, and it can be found here to download:

You can even tinker with it more to make it different if you want!

It will take a while to print, as my printer took about 7 hours with 33% infill.

You will need some marbles and a rubber band.

Some color permanent markers if you want to decorate your print with different colors, point values, etc.


Access to a 3-D printer that has a print area of greater than 7 inches by 7 inches by 5 inches tall.

PLA any color and the size that fits your 3D printer


Rubber bands

Card stock paper


Hole punch


Permanent markers

Step 1: PRINT Skee-Ball Board

Enable support when you are setting up your print.

Infill density less than 40%

Infill pattern Honey comb

Step 2: Remove the Supports and Color If You Desire!

Carefully pry off the supports and clean off any loose plastic, strains or goobers.

I took permanent markers and added some color to my Mini Skee-Ball! Add what ever you like to YOUR design...(I also put the date of my print and my name to the bottom of the play field).

One thing I do recommend... and is seen in my play video... I took some paper and a hole punch and I made a net to keep the marble from flying off the play field... it works much better and I just used some tape to tape it on.

I added a sketch of the net and a photo. But you can make it any style you like!

Step 3: Play Time!

The rubber band across the post help position the ball and then you are able to flick the marble!

I didn't add any score or point marks because that is the fun of your own design, but if you must have a scoring pattern you could do something like...One point for the bottom, 2 points for the left or right, and the top ring can get you 4 Points!

But as I said before ... You can make it whatever you like...

In my game...The marble is shot 3 times and whatever your marble lands in you add up those point! Or play however you want to play with your friends... but practice is a must... the rubber band helps hold the marble.

I added a video of some play action.

Step 4: Modifications

You might want to change the angle of the play board, you might what holes that will collect all the marbles, you might want a larger play surface... the design is up to you!

What I designed would fit on my printer and for a marble flicking game, it is fun for me!

Have fun, enjoy the game if you do print it... I would love to hear about any changes, modifications or how you made your mini Skee ball yours! Please leave a comment!

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    2 years ago

    Almost no one has a 3D printer. Can you make it with something else?


    Reply 2 years ago

    There are many places on line you can send files to have something printed, but I do understand that 3D printing might not be available for all. I have seen the same TinkerCAD files converted to LEGO Bricks. This contest asked for items to be designed and made in Tinkercad and thus a 3D printed game was what I designed and submitted. I can imagine that a few pieces of wood might be fashioned into a wood model of a Skee Ball game or even a cardboard game could be made.

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    This looks like a lot of fun to play around with, I love skeeball :)