Introduction: Mini Slinky Dog Replica That Really Streetches

Make your own Mini Slinky Dog that really works like the movie.
Have you ever wanted a small Slinky Dog that works like in the movie?
Well here's Step By Step how to Make Your favorite springy Dog from the Toy Story movie series
This will require some material that can be found easily. 
When kids want to do this, ask an adult to help because this involves a Craft Knife and Crazy Glue 

I will start putting up step by step how to make all your favorite Toy Story Characters in miniature form    

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need:

A Slinky Dog Buildable Figure by Gacha Tomy or A Slinky Dog Buddy Figure by Mattel 
Coil Bracelets (The Plastic Slinky Kinds you get at the party stores or Ticket booths at arcades)
Tacky Glue or Crazy Glue (best option)
Craft Knife
Sand Paper

If using Crazy Glue, a craft knife, and sand paper kids, ask a grown up to help 

Step 2: Straighten the Body

When straightening the body on the buildable figure use a craft Knife to straighten the front of the body then sand a little

For the Buddy figure option cut the plastic slinky body off very carefully and sand both halves a little

Step 3: Cut Sized Slinky

Cut The coil bracelet to the right size to about 1 inch long

Step 4: Paint the Pieces

Research a Image of slinky from the Movie if using the Buildable figure by Gacha Tomy. Then follow the picture on which colors you need to paint Slinky. 

Step 5: Glue the Pieces Together

Glue the front on the end of the slinky first, then wait for the glue to dry for just 30 seconds if using crazy glue. Then glue slinky's rear end on other end of slinky and hold both pieces together for 30 seconds. Make sure slinky stands up straight or he will keep falling over.

If using Tacky glue make sure you have 2 supports such as 2 erasers to hold slinky together while he is drying

Step 6: Your Slinky Dog Is Ready for Playtime

Now you've got yourself your very own miniature Slinky Dog that really works