Introduction: Mini Yarn Unicorn (or Horse)

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This Instructable will cover how to make a cute mini yarn horses.


  • Yarn
  • Embroidery floss
  • Needle
  • Felt
  • Thread
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners (at least 3)
  • Cardstock
  • Glue


Rubber bands

Step 1: Form the Head and Front Legs

  • Wrap some light weight or thing yarn around a piece of cardstock (3 x 4.5 inches) about 25 times.
  • Bend and cut a pipe cleaner sized fore the yarn loops (see image above)
  • Save the little extra piece of pipe cleaner (we can use it to make the horn)

Step 2: Tie the Head

  • Remove the yarn loops from the cardstock
  • Twist a little less than half of the pipe cleaner around itself
  • Take the twisted end and place it inside and between one of the ends of the yarn loops (see third image above)

Step 3: Form the Head

  • NOTE: Halfway through this, I realized my yard broke off easily so I switched to embroidery floss for the knots (you will see this with the legs)

  • Tie a knot close to the end of the loops with a little embroidery floss
    • Take care to also hold the pipe cleaner with the knot
  • Tie a second knot to form the rest of the head
  • Cut the opposite end of the loops (the ones that are far from the knots
    • This will form the legs later
  • Bend the pipe cleaner and yarn just under the second knot to shape the neck

Step 4: Wrap the Body

Set the head and front of the body aside for now

  • Wrap about 25 loops of the same yard around the same piece of cardstock
  • Slide a piece of yarn (or embroidery floss) through the loops and tie a knot
    • This will be the horses' chest

Step 5: Form the Body

  • Cut the loops at the opposite end of the knot
  • Separate the strands into to pieces
  • Cut a pipe cleaner the size of the strands on yarn and bend in half (see third image)
  • Place the middle of the pipe cleaner agains the the middle of the yarn strands

Step 6: Assemble the Body Parts

  • Take the stands we just formed and wrap them around the front of the body under the head
  • Tie a knot around the body as close to the front of the body as possible (see second image above)
  • Tie a second knot away from head, this will form the horses hindquarters

The yarn strands were getting in the way so I used a rubber band to hold them together and out of the way

Step 7: Form the Legs

  • Separate them back legs
    • Make sure each bundle has a pipe cleaner end wrapped up in yard
    • Tie a knot about half way down
  • Repeat on the front legs
  • Tie a second knot on each of the legs. This should be lower than the first one
  • Trip the excess yarn

Step 8: Form the Mane

  • Wrap a few loops of embroidery floss on the short side of the cardstock
  • Pass a piece of floss between the loops and cardstock and tie together
  • Remove loops from the cardstock
  • Cut the loops
  • Trim the excess string from the knot holding everything together

Step 9: Sew on Mane

  • Take apiece of floss about 6 inches in length and separate it into its 6 threads
  • Thread a needle with one of the strands
  • Place the mane on the horse's head
  • Sew in place

Step 10: Prep Tail

  • Take embroidery floss and loop it around two fingers a few times
  • Remove the loops from your fingers and secure the loops together with a piece of the separated floss strands from earlier
  • Cut the loops at the opposite side of the tied segment

Step 11: Sew on Tail

  • Trim the excess floss holding the tail together
  • Thread a needle with a single strand of the separated floss
  • Place the tail on the horse
  • Sew in place

Step 12: Prep Ears

  • Cut two little tall triangles out of felt for ears

Step 13: Glue Eyes and Ears in Place

  • Place two tiny drops of glue on the horse where the eyes should be
  • Gently place the eyes in the glue
  • Add a little glue to the bottom of the ears and glue in place

That's it, make as many little horses and you'd like. If you want to make a unicorn, follow the next step.

Step 14: Prep Horn

  • Take 2 pipe cleaners of different colors and twist them together.
    • Use two new ones or you can use the little left over piece from earlier and a new one
  • Cut to size, leaving a little extra to insert into the head
  • Insert the horn into the head
    • If you want it to be more permanent, twist the base of the horn together and glue in place
  • Since this is the first time I have made these, I would love to see your version and see how you improve on it.

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