Introduction: Mini Zoetrope

This is one of my favorite projects "Creating Movable Images"

Step 1: Build

I have chosen a mini zoetrope because I want to use an A4 sheet format.
The dimensions of an A4 blade are 29.7 to 21 cm. I use the diameter of the drum the length of an A3 size = 29.7 cm = diameter 92.30 mm = radius 46.15 mm The height of the drum is 30mm

Als Servo gebruik een gewijzigde mini 9g servo
Als potmeter gebruik ik een van 10K Als led gebruik ik 3 leds in parallel met een weerstand van 100 ohm in serie met een 4,5 volt battery voeding

I have to admit that I need to find a better place for the leds, but I could not wait to share this project with everyone

The holes in the drum have I done to save some material and time in 3D printing

At the bottom of the zooprop is a battery box of 3x 1.5v AA batteries

Step 2: Electronics and Software

As a controller, I use 2 ATtiny85 (because I do not get both programs in one program, I'm a bad programmer)

The first ATtiny85 I use to control the servo ,

The second ATtiny85 I use to flicker the led

The construction is simple :

Input = Potmeter Servo

Input = Potmeter Led

Output is

1, Servo constand rotated

2, White led

To program the ATtiny85 you can look into a previous instructables that I created namely

The Clock must 8MHz

Step 3: Image

I've picked up some examples of the web, which you can easily print and cut out for placing on the drum

As you can see, a movable image consists of 12 pictures, because the length of an A4 size is about 300mm and this divided by 12 gives you a width of 25mm

So each drawing consists of a 30mm to 25mm frame with some handiness to make a drawing or to draw a bigger sign and then reduce it

The height is derived from the width of an A4 format = 210 divided by 25mmm = 8 means you have 8 strips taken from an A4 format

Because it's an open construction, it's better to watch the movie in a darkened room (curtains close or so)

If you take the strip with the stickman will see that running quite nicely

Step 4: Movie

This movie is of poor quality and taken by an amateur (I)

But you can see how the horse runs in gallop Maybe I'll put other movies and hope in better quality

Step 5: Improvements

Here are some improvements

1 instead of a servo, use a DC motor

2 a larger zoetrope = larger drawings

3 new software for speed motor and or flickering led

4 viewing window sits too high

5 perhaps a slightly inclined position to easily watch the movie