Introduction: Miniature Clay Roses

These roses are beautiful and last forever. The mini's could easily could be used as decoration on another project. I am using play-doh in the pictures because i couldn't find my clay.

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need:

Clay (or play-doh)
a hard surface to work  on 

Step 2: Innermost Petal

Roll out a small ball of clay. Use whatever color you want to make your flower. Pinch off a small bit. Flatten out the little piece. Don't make it to thin or it will rip. Make the sides thinner than the middle. Roll the flattened circle on a angle into a sort of "v" shape. It will sorta look like the inner most petal of a rose.

Step 3: Inner Petals

Now you will take another pinch of clay off of your small ball and flatten it again. Have it a little smaller than the inner most petal when it is opened up .Have one edge thinner than the other. This is what makes it look realistic. You will need to do that for every step. Now curl the petal around the innermost petal and slightly push back the top. Have the edge of the new petal slightly lower than the edge of the innermost one. Repeat until you have 3 petals wrapped around the "v" part.

Step 4: Middle Petals

You are going to basically do the same thing as the last step but make the petals slightly bigger and slightly lower than the row before it. Still put 3 petals around.

Step 5: Middle Petals

Again, this is basically the same as the last step. 3 petals, slightly larger, and slightly lower. You may want to put 4 petals on this one instead of 3. It depends on how big your petals and rose are. Make sure  you are opening up the petals more and more at the top, to make it look like its blooming.

Step 6: Outer Petals

At this point, you will have excess clay at the bottom. Simply pinch it off and keep adding petals until you get how big you want your rose to get. When you get to the second or third to last row of petals you should start curling back the edges of the opened petals. After you are done let it dry or bake spends on the clay and use it in whatever craft or as decoration.
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