Introduction: Miniature Donuts + FREE PRINTABLE

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I love making crafts with my daughter. I want to teach her patience, develop her creativity, and problem solving. Three very important abilities.

Making a toy is perfect for kids, they'll have fun and learn while making it, and then they'll be so proud with their creation that it'll be their favourite toy. I've found that the most popular toys at my house are the ones my daughter helped making.

Not to mention that are way cheaper than what you can find at the store.

*adult supervision with this craft is required, as we need special caution with air dry clay or polymer clay. So please make sure they wash their hands after working with clay.

Step 1: ​ Gather Your Materials

  • The printable I made. Click here. For better results print it in cardstock.
  • Glue stick
  • A cylinder (it can even be a glass, we'll use it as a rolling pin)
  • A Knife (this plastic one is perfect for kids)
  • Scissors
  • A thin straw or coffee stirrer
  • A small clear plastic from a packaging
  • Clay. Air dry or polymer clay. I like Premo sculpey, there are some school grade air dry clays but those tend to be brittle and won't allow detail.

Step 2: Make the Base of the Donut

Start by making 1 cm balls.

With the rolling pin or even an old credit card, flat them slightly.

With the coffee stirrer punch the hole at the middle

Step 3: Make the Toppings

To add sprinkles make a small clay ball with a different color and with your finger make it very thin, cut small parts and add them to the donut, press slightly for them to stick to the donut.

For frosting make a small ball of clay in a different color, roll it out very thin, and pinch the edges so that it's not symmetrical. Place the frosting on top of the donut and again pierce the centre with the stirrer.

Now add drizzled chocolate with a thin "thread" of clay on top.

Have fun making up new donut flavours.

Step 4: Make the Box.

For the box cut and fold.

The bottom part will have the printed side in the interior of the box (see picture)

Don't forget to cut the window of the lid.

Cut the clear plastic the size of the lid and glue it.

Now you'll have a lovely box for six donuts!

Step 5:

Have fun making and playing!
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