Introduction: Miniature Jewellery Cabinet

I have lots and lots of earings,rings and chains like most of the girls and I like to frequently change them. And I have a problem in storing them safely as they usually get mixed up with other jewellery or get lost, not only this I don't have much space to keep them in big jewellery boxes. Now these miniature cabinets are not only safe to store jewellery but also requires a less amount of space as compared to big jewellery boxes and are very cute and easy to make. These are made with things which we can find easily in our homes. These cute miniature cabinets can also be used by men to keep their cufflinks as well as to store pennies or coins. These are small and can be kept anywhere and so they can be used while traveling as well!!!

Step 1: Step:1- Materials Required

Basic Materials:-

  • Empty match boxes
  • Glue (Glue Gun, Glue Stick, Gum or Fevicol)
  • String or Thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler/Scale
  • Pencil
Materials Required for Decoration (Optional):-
  • Coloured Sheets
  • Buttons
  • Ribbons
  • Stickers
  • Sequence

Step 2: Step-2: Sticking the Match Boxes

Take the glue you have and apply it on one of the sides of the match box as shown in the image. Now let the glue dry for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Step-3: Covering the Match Boxes With Coloured Sheets

After the match boxes have dried measure the boxes (as whole) using a ruler and cut the coloured sheet according to the measurement of the boxes and then stick the coloured sheet to the boxes.

TIP: While measuring the boxes take a centimeter extra from all sides so that you have extra sheet to cover the boxes perfectly.

Step 4: Step-4: Decoration

Add string to pull out the drawer easily and secure the string using buttons which will prevent the string from coming out as well as make it look more cute. Now you can decorate it the way you like, you can add ribbons, stickers and sequence the way I did. Go on and create one of your own today!!!

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