Introduction: Miniature Plates and Cups

Simple miniature plates and cups for a miniature table set!

Step 1: Making the Miniature Plates

1. Take a medium sized ball of clay and roll out into a thin sheet using any rolling tool or a clay roller

2. Cut out a round shape of the rolled clay using a clay cutter or a round lid (~2 cm diameter), as used in this case

3. Trim any excess clay around the edges and press in the middle of the clay to create the plate inset (a knitting needle was used in this case with a diameter less than the plate)

4. Bake the plates according to the instructions on the pack and paint in any colour of choice (white and blue acrylic paint was used in this case)

5. For a glossy look finish with a gloss varnish or matte varnish for a matte look

Step 2: Making the Miniature Cups

1. Roll small sized balls of clay

2. Find any tool with a flat bottom and rounded sides for pressing the clay

3. Use your hands to shape the clay on the sides of the tool to form a cup

4. Cut away any excess and remove the clay cup from the shaper tool

5. Roll out a thin snake of clay for the cup handle

6. Shape it as a curved handle and attach to the cup using a needle tool

7. Bake the clay according to the instructions on the pack and paint with any colour of choice (blue acrylic paint was used in this case)

Step 3: Making the Serviettes

1. Cut small pieces of crepe paper, using the miniature plates as the size guide

2. Fold the paper into any pattern desired and glue together

3. Make as many serviettes as needed

Step 4: The Finished Plates & Cups on a Table

1. Arrange the plates, cups and serviettes on a miniature table to create any desired look for a miniature ambience

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