Introduction: Zany Beaded Earrings

This project shows the basics of using headpins to make loops to secure beads, which can be translated across to any project that loops wires and joins beads together.

In this case, the loops were used to secure beads to make a pair of drop earrings using Lapiz Lazuli beads with a gold accent bead on each side.

The project is very simple and only requires 3 hand tools, beads of your choice, thick wire or headpins and your creativity!!

Lets get started!!!

Step 1: Tools and Beads

The tools used for this project include:

  • 1 x Flat Nose Pliers
  • 1 x Round Nose Pliers
  • 1 x Flush Cutter
  • Headpins for laying the beads and looping
  • Earring hooks
  • Lapiz Lazuli Beads
  • Gold Accent Beads

In the process of making jewellery, there could be one step that comes as the biggest setback. It is deciding the combinations of beads or gems to use. The colours to put together that would make sense and be relatable.

Once this biggest step is overcome, the rest of the 'putting together' parts are relatively easy.

  • In this case, I laid out a set of beads along with other beads that I thought would go together. After some consideration, I decided to choose the Lapiz Lazuli beads and gold accent beads for this drop earring project

Lay your set of beads and choose your favourite look!!

Step 2: Arranging the Beads

With the beads chosen, start laying the desired number of beads into the headpin, leaving at least 0.5 cm in the edge to make the loop

  • In this case, 5 beads were laid from the end of the headpin for the bottom layer of the drop earring.

Step 3: Looping the Lapiz Lazuli Layer

There are several steps in completing this looping procedure and by the end of it all the hand tools would have been used:

Step 1: Take the Flat nose pliers and bend the left over pin on the bead stack on a 90 degree angle, creating a L shape (This prevents the beads from falling off the pin in the process of looping)

Step 2: Use the Round Nose pliers grip the bottom and top of the bend on the pin and turn the pin over in a loop around the pliers

Step 3: Switch the nose of the pliers to gripping the top and bottom of the loop (top of the round on the loop) and use your hands or the flat nose pliers to complete the loop around the nose of the pliers

Step 4: Following step 3 there should be a tiny tail hanging off of the loop. Use the Flush cutter to trim that tail off the loop

Step 5: Press the end secure on the loop using the flat nose pliers

The loop has now been completed and follow the same procedure for the other stack to end up with two stacks of drops with a loop at the end.

Step 4: Looping the Gold Accent Beads

The gold accent beads attach to both the Lapiz Lazuli bead layer and the earring hook. Thus, there needs to be two loops on the gold bead.

In order to create this, trim the end of the headpin (removing the head stopper) using the flush cutter.

Then, similar to the steps used for looping the main stack, loop one side of the gold accent bead end first (in effect securing it from falling) and then move on to the other side, ending up with two loops as shown in the image.

Follow the same for another gold bead, thus enough to make a pair of earrings....

Step 5: Attaching the Layers to Form the Earrings

Once all the layers have been made, including the Lapiz Lazuli bead layer and the gold accent layer in this case, it all needs to be attached together.

Firstly, attach the gold bead to the main stack (Lapiz Lazuli Stack) - To do this one of the loops need to be opened using flat nose pliers.

After opening one of the loops, the other loop can be inserted into it and the loop sealed back again, by bending it over using the flat nose pliers again

This step needs to be repeated for attaching the earring hook to the piece as well.

The loop in the earring hook is easy to open and thus can be opened with the pliers, attached to the piece and closed again, forming the earrings which are ready to wear!!!!

Choose your beads and make a project to your liking with looped wires.

Can be a necklace or earring or key ring or anything else.


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