Introduction: Minimalist Epoxy Paper Weight (world Shark Day Special)

I created this half sub-merged shark paper weight using a two part epoxy resin and with a few other things that I found at home. You can use any type of resin that is available to you. Since I made this minimalist project during my lockdown, I used simple materials that everyone will have at home. So let's start making our simple yet cute and minimalist epoxy paper weight.


- A circular mould (In my case I've used a PVC pipe of 3 inches, But you can use any mould of your choice and shape)

- Any resin of your choice

- Sandpaper (If you want to have a smooth finish)

- A wooden base

- Castor oil (Any oil will do)

- A toy shark or any object you want to be sub merged

-Some epoxy rated glitter and paint (I used white and blue paint & blue glitter)

Step 1: Steps in Making Our Epoxy Paper Weight

First, I started by fixing my circular pipe/mould on the wooden base. I used hot glue and glued the two pieces together. If you're using two separate components like me, make sure that you glue the two components together so that no resin will leak out from your mould. I also used rubberbands to make the pipe stand firmly on the wooden base.

Step 2:

In a cup, pour your required quantity of resin. In case you're using a two part resin, make sure to mix your resin and hardener very well. Add a few drops of epoxy paint and glitter to your resin and mix well. ( Make sure you use correct quantities of epoxy and hardener. Mix it as per the ratios mentioned on your epoxy/resin user manual or instructions)

Step 3:

If you are not using silicone moulds like me, oil your mould using castor oil. I used castor oil as it is more lubricating than the other types of oil I had at home.

Step 4:

After you're done lubricating your mould, pour a layer of resin and let it dry.

Step 5:

When the resin has hardened a bit, mount your object in the resin. I mounted my shark in the resin after approximately 2 Hours.

Step 6:

When the first layer of resin cools down completely, add your second layer. You can be creative with the colour of your resin. (I poured my first layer of resin and kept my mould slantingly as shown in the pictures and later while adding the second layer, I used a light coloured paint, to show the shades of the sea)

If desired, you can fix a magnet on the backside and use it as a fridge magnet! Your creativity has no boundaries!!

Step 7:

Let your masterpiece completely dry. (My resin took about 12-15 hours to dry completey)

Step 8:

After it has completely dried, de-mould your paperweight and your masterpiece is ready. (I faced a little difficulty while removing my resin from the PVC pipe. To avoid this difficulty, You can cut your mould into two parts and glue them together, as it will make de-moulding very easy and simple for you!)

Step 9:

After you have de-moulded your paper weight, you can sand the edges to get a smoother finish.

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