Introduction: Minion (quilling )

to make this quilling minion you will need:
5 mm quilling strips of yellow cyan and black color.
3mm quilping strips of gray,black,bRown and white.
yellow and cyan colored papers (you can also use white paper.color that white paper with yellow and cyan paint)

Step 1: Making of Head

take yellow strips and quilling needle.using quilling needle make a basic round shown in the picture. size is depends on can have it as per your choice.after making basic round push this round shape from inner side slightly. so that from one side the shape will be slightly upward. size of my ring was 2cm diameter.

Step 2: Lower Part

make same ring using cyan stips.size should be same as of yellow.

Step 3: Body

now cut your paper. size should be as shown in the picture. or as per your size of ring.

Step 4: Make Body

to make the body of minion,put your yellow ring exactly at the upper border of paper. and cyan one at the bottom line.and make cylinder. then paint upper part with yellow and bottom part with cyan.

Step 5: Cyan Colored Cloths.

to make cloths of mininon take a white paper. draw design as shown in the picture. paint it with cyan color. you can also use a colored paper. it is totally depends on you. make sure you cut two such cuttings . one for front and second for back.

Step 6: Hands and Legs

now make small yellow ring. push it from inside such that it become a cone.make two such hands. make small ring of cyan strips. which will be minions legs.also make two black rings whic fits on minions hand. and also for legs.

Step 7: Making of Eye

to make eyes of minonon,take 3 mm quillong strips. length of black strip is 20 cm,same of brown and 2 white strips of length 40 cm. one gray strip. now make basic circle shape using quilling needle.

Step 8: Assembling

now assemble all the shown in the picture. make sure that before you place eyes take a 3 mm black quilling strip and stick it as shown. then stick eyes on it. to make hairs of minion take a small black strip and place it on the head of the minion.

Step 9: Yeahhh.... Your Minion Is Ready to Pose...

you can make such other minions. they can be use to gift your young friends,kids,fan of minions. you can hang these minions using a string. its amazing gift for a minion fan.

Step 10:

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