Introduction: Friendship Day Card

its a friendship day card for n best frnd.

Step 1: Front Side

first of all take a a4 size blank paper.then fold it from the middle of the length. now on the front side of that folded paper draw the sketch with pencil. dont draw it dark. do it woth light hand.after finishing it,border it with sketch pen or color pens. you can use colors of your i have put my hands on sky blue and ink blue. complete it as shown in the pictures.

Step 2: Inside the Fold

now take one more a4 size paper.fold it as per the 1st.then draw tom n jerrydrawing inside the folded you can use other character too. draw it.fill with postal colors and let it dry.

Step 3: Bottom Page

now take the 1st a4 size paper in which 1st doodle had made. make the pattern as shown in picture with tje help of hard brush. take small amount of water color and spread it like your are spreading colors on the sheet.

Step 4: You Are Done

now stick that 1st a4 size sheet with the second.which have tom and jerry inside.stick it properly.
n yeah... now you are done... go and get some food... and gift this to your best friend

Step 5: