Introduction: Miss La Sen Paper Windmill Parts

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Making the Miss La Sen paper windmill parts is rather easy. Miss La Sen is a fictional character in boardgame, comic book, cartoon clips and spring roll...

Step 1: Download This Pattern. Print It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 2: Trace the Pattern on the Cardboard and Cut It Out.

Step 3: Using the Scissors to Cut 5mm Deep at the Bottom of Each Petal. You Have 5 Petals.

Step 4: Fold 5mm Deep on Each Petal. You Must Fold 5 Petals.

Step 5: Cut Out the Miss La Sen’s Head on the Art Paper.

Step 6: Cut the Headband on the Art Paper and Glue It Onto the Head.

Step 7: Cut the Bow, the 5 Petal-flower, Eyes, Cheeks, Mouth and Glue Them Like the Picture.

Step 8: Glue Miss La Sen Head Onto the Windmill Part.

Step 9: Cut the Paper Rectangle, 2.5cm High and 3.5cm Wide.

Step 10: Roll the Rectangle Into a Pipe to Hold a Distance Between the Plastic Stick and the Pinwheel in Order That It Can Rotate.

Take a plastic stick for the holder. Use the zinc wire to tie to the stick.

Step 11: Add the Paper Pipe Onto the Zinc Wire.

It creates the gap between the stick and the pinwheel. It helps the pinwheel rotate.

Step 12: Poke the Pinwheel Onto the Zinc Wire.

Step 13: Quill the Top of the Zinc Wire.

Step 14: Done. the Miss La Sen Paper Windmill Parts Can Rotate in the Wind or Electric Fan.