Introduction: Miss La Sen Pop Up Card

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Miss La Sen is the nice character in Sorim story boardgame, Hi La Sen- Hi Nice Life song...

Step 1: Use This Pattern. Print It Out or Draw It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 2: Use the Thick Art Paper in A4 Size.

Step 3: Overturn the Other Side of the Paper to Draw.

Step 4: Use the Wood Carving Craft Pen Knife to Slit the Trace on the Paper.

Step 5: Slit the Miss La Sen’s Head Like the Picture.

Step 6: Overturn the Other Side of the Paper, You Have This Image.

Cut the another color paper which has bigger size to glue 4 corners of the pop up onto the new paper.

Step 7: Fold the Card Into 2 Parts. You Have the Funny Miss La Sen Pop Up Card.