Miss La Sen in Thai Traditional Costume Paper Cutting

Introduction: Miss La Sen in Thai Traditional Costume Paper Cutting

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Miss La Sen is a popular icon which appears on the items, souvenir gifts, Miss La Sen spring rolls...A Miss La Sen in Thai costume paper cutting card is funny.

Step 1: Use the Template for the Making Craft.

Step 2: Download This Pattern. Print It Out in A4 Size Paper.

Step 3: Cut Out the Miss La Sen Body on the Paper Art.

Step 4: Cut Out the Red Headband and Glue It Onto the Head.

Step 5: Cut the Bow and Glue It Onto the Headband.

Step 6: Cut the Flower, Mouth, Cheeks. Glue Them Onto the Face.

Step 7: Cut Out the Black Eyes and the Violet Skirt. Glue Them.

Step 8: Cut Out the Blouse and Glue It.

Step 9: Cut Out the Red Surround on the Skirt.

Step 10: Cut the Violet Front Strip. Glue It Onto the Blouse.

Step 11: Cut 2 Red Surrounds on the Front Strip. Glue Them.

Step 12: Cut the 2 Violet Shoes and Glue Them.

Step 13: Cut the Violet Rear Strip.

Step 14: Glue the Rear Strip Behind the Blouse. Cut the White Paper Background and the Green Frame. Glue Miss La Sen Onto the Background.

Step 15: Instead of Using the Paper You Can Use the Burlap Fabric to Make the Background. You Can Use the Felt Instead of the Paper to Cut Miss La Sen.

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