Introduction: Moana's Necklace (Heart of Te Fiti) Using Hot Melt Glue

A fan of the 2016 Disney Movie Moana? Here is a simple, cheap and easy do-it-your-own accessory which will surely satisfy your dream to be a "Way finder" and a "Motu Nui Princess" like Moana herself. Follow the steps below for I will share you how to do it with the use of Glue sticks!



1. Glue Sticks
2. Thread (Thin and Thick)
3. Poster Color or Water Color
4. Glossy Paper such as photo paper
5. Colorless Nail Polish
6. Pearls (Optional)
7. Sewing Needle

1. Glue Gun
2. Soldering Iron (Or Candle and Wire as an alternative)
3. Pencil
4. Ruler
5. Scissors

Step 1: Gather the Required Supplies

Gather the needed supplies shown above. Basically, the main component is the glue stick. Have at least 4 pieces of them in order to make the heart of te fiti. The pearls are optional. You can also use shells or beads as an alternative. For the thread, find one which is thick and the other to be thin. If you don't have the thick one, just twist together some strands of thin thread and tie them at the end.

Step 2: Create an Outline for the Glue Stick Lump

Using a ruler, draw a 2 cm by 5 cm of ellipse on a glossy paper by first sketching a 2 cm by 5 cm cross on it. Connect the ends of the cross smoothly as shown on the photos. You can also use a photo paper, magazine paper, or just any smooth surface. Smooth surface will ease the detaching of the glue stick lump.

Step 3: Put on the First Layer of Glue Stick

After making an ellipse on the glossy paper, plug in your glue gun with glue stick until it's hot. Put on some layer of melted glue stick on the center of the ellipse as shown. Do not cover the entire ellipse to allow some allowance and avoid overflowing. Allow the first layer to harden.

Step 4: Add the Second Layer of Glue Stick

Once the first layer has cooled down, put on another melted glue from the glue gun. Spread the glue over the first layer as shown on the photo.

Step 5: Use a Fan to Harden the Glue Quickly

A small fan or a regular fan is useful to quickly harden the glue. It is also helpful to reduce the heat on it.

Step 6: Continue Adding New Layers of Glue Stick

Continue adding new layer of glue stick until desired thickness and size is achieve. Don't worry about any irregularities and imperfections, they can be corrected on the next steps.

Step 7: Detach the Glue Stick Lump Once It Is Hardened

Carefully detach the glue stick lump from the glossy paper. There will surely be some irregularities in the shape of it that is why there is the next step.

Step 8: Correct the Irregularities of the Glue Lump

Our goal is to have a glue stick in shape and size of the one same as Heart of Te Fiti. Since the formed lump is not well rounded, you must reshape it into an ellipse. Use the tip of the glue gun to polish glue lump since it is hot and can reshape the irregularities found on it. Thrust the tip against the surface of the glue lump carefully as shown. Do it over and over again all over the surface until it is well-polished. Be careful not to touch that tip because it would hurt your finger or skin.

Step 9: Sketch the Carvings Using a Pen

Once you have polished the glue lump, sketch an outline on it using a pen. Start first with the spiral since this is the major symbol of the Heart and Moana itself.

Step 10: Carve the Spiral Using the Soldering Iron

Follow the outline you have created from the previous step. If you don't have a soldering iron, you can use a candle and a wire. Heat a wire of enough thickness on the candle and use it to carve the spiral.

Step 11: Cut Out the Bumps From the Carving

It is expected that the carving will create "bumps" on the side of the spiral since it is a glue stick. Cut then out using a scissors.

Step 12: Draw the Outline of the Smaller Details

It is seen in the movie that the Heart of Te Fiti has some other carvings in the form of runes other than the spiral. Sketch them also using a pen as shown.

Step 13: Carve the Smaller Details As Well

Do the same with the remaining carvings. But since they are smaller, it is convenient to use needle and candle. Use pliers to handle the hot needle.

Step 14: Wash the Heart With Water and Soap

Wash the heart using water and soap to remove the ink from the pen outlines and to remove other impurities.

Step 15: Prepare the Paint

If you have a green color already, skip this step. But if you use primary colors, you need to prepare a green or apple-green color. Mix one part blue and two parts yellow or just experiment with an artist's palette or a mixing container. Add water to the poster color or water color as needed. (If you don't have any of the two, you can try to experiment with other coloring mediums.)

Step 16: Put on the Color to the Carvings

It's time to put the colors to your handmade heart of te fiti. In this step, prioritize coloring the carvings especially the spiral because it is where it will look like the real heart of te fiti. Put on color to the other carvings as well so it looks cool. Let it dry.

Step 17: Put Colors on the Entire Heart

Since in the previous step you have painted on the carvings, there would be some areas that are unpainted on other surfaces. Cover the entire heart including the flat back portion of the heart. Let the paint dry.

Step 18: Apply Colorless Nail Polish on the Heart

This is the secret to make the Heart look like real. This will also allow the poster or water color to be waterproof. In that case, even it soaks in the water, the paint will not be removed. Additionally, the colorless nail polish will give a shiny effect on it.

Step 19: Bore a Hole on the Top of the Heart

Use the sewing needle you've used previously and heat it up on the candle. The hole should be a few millimeters away from the top of the heart as shown.

Step 20: Put on and Tie the Thread Onto the Heart Through the Hole

Cut one half yard of thread (Or depending on your sizes). Use the sewing needle to push through the thread in the hole to the other side. Tie it then securely so it is stationary.

Step 21: Put the Pearls or Other Additional Details

Tie the pearls first on a thinner sewing thread and tie three of them on one side securely. Do this by first tying the pearls individually on the separate thinner thread. Put on glue stick between the pearls and the necklace's thread to make the placement secure. Add three on each side of the necklace or depending on your preference.

Step 22: Create Clasp for the Necklace (Optional)

Use solid wire to create clasp as shown and glue them at the end of the necklace's thread. If you don't want to create clasp, you can just tie the ends of it and wear it through the head.

Step 23: Finish It!

Once you've finished it, wear it and show it to others. It is also cool to share it to your friends and family. Don't forget to clean your mess after doing it! God bless you :).

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