Introduction: Mobile/Play Gym

About: A charity that builds custom equipment to help people with disabilities.

This Instructable details the construction of a play gym/mobile for a toddler.

This was made for a child with limited mobility.

The top of the mobile is a plastic mesh, allowing plenty of places hang a variety of toys. The legs are children's walking poles, and the corner pieces that hold the legs to the mesh are 3D prints.

Instructable created by a Remap KW engineer.

Step 1: Parts

The parts I used are:


Plastic grid from Amazon that cost about £8, described as "Plastic Grid - 680mm x 400mm (27"x16") -Diamond Shaped".

Children's walking poles

4 children's walking poles from Go Outdoors for about £4 each, I can't see the exact same pole listed on their website.

3D prints

I used Rigid Ink PLA, it prints consistently and is tougher than most other PLAs that I have used. The PLA has worked well but if I was to build the project again I might try TPU or nylon to make it a bit tougher and to make the legs easier to remove.

Cable Ties

Strong cable ties to attach the corners to the mesh.


Optional extra to help keep all the parts together when the legs are removed.

Step 2: Corners

I used 3D prints to attach the legs to the mesh, they are held together with cable ties.

The 3D print STL is MobileCornerV2.stl (mirrored version also provided)

It was quite easy to pull the handles off the walking poles so that they could fit into the 3D prints.

It was tricky to get the 3D print hole to grip the pole the right amount, and the fit will probably vary a lot between printers. If I was to build this project again I would try and make the pole pocket a bit more flexible so that it give a more reliable fit. I would also consider using a more flexible and tougher plastic like TPU or Nylon.

Step 3: Bungee

I weaved a bit of bungee into the mesh so that it could be used to hold the walking pole legs to the mesh when the mobile is dismantled.

Step 4: Accessories

3D printed hooks and loops to make it easier to attach toys to the mesh.