Introduction: Modern Cardboard Pet House for Cats 🐱

Because I love my cats 🐱 and I also love building stuff from Cardboard πŸ“¦ , I decided to build a new home for my two little friends! This project is almost free to make as I repurpose Amazon boxes. Let's get started if you want to give them a new roof for the night! 🏠


Material :

Tools :

You can buy material and tools I used in this Instructable via my affiliate links.

Step 1: Making the Base : Part 1

Let's start with one of the "B1F" box from amazon. I want to create the base of my cat house but I don't want to see the printings on my pet house, so I turn the box upside down to put the printings on the inside. Then I glue the bottom of the box using hot glue.

Step 2: Making the Base : Part 2

I want the base of my cardboard cat house to be sturdy, so I double the walls by folding the flaps on the inside. But they are to long and need to be cut to be folded on the inside. Once they are cut, I apply some hot glue and I fold the flaps to create the base of my modern cardboard cat house!

Step 3: Building the Walls

Any house need walls, even cat houses. Well I guess so because otherwise without walls can it be called a "house"? Well, doesn't matters, I want to add a layer of protection and quietness for my cats, so they don't have to watch their back while they sleep. And that extra layer of protection start with some thick half inch cardboard for the walls. No need to build a frame, just cut these 3 pieces according to the measurements in the pictures then add some hot glue and voila, 3 walls are up in 5 minutes! That's Efficiency!

Step 4: Making the Roof : Part 1

For the roof, I am taking the second B1F box from amazon ( Dimensions : 14"x20"x3"ΒΌ ).

This box is too high for a roof, So I unfold the box, and I cut it in half like in the picture. This will allow me to put one box in the other one, and at the same time of reducing in half the height of the room, it also make the roof more rigid and more sturdy.

Step 5: Making the Roof : Part 2

Once one of the part of the box for the roof is all glued up, I fix the other half with some hot glue. And because my cats love to climb everywhere they can, I'm adding some brace inside the roof so they can step on it without the roof sinking in. Easy as that, the roof structure is done!

Step 6: Installing the LED's Around the Roof

Because a modern house have led lighting, I decided to add some LED's around the roof of their little cardboard house. I don't think they really care, but I do because their house looks cool! So, I am using a LED string that is made for wine bottle, it's short enough for the roof of the house and also

Step 7: Installing Some Siding

Siding add some real beauty to a house, this special formulated cardboard siding is ideal for any pet house. The installation process is easy as it require only some hot glue to fix it in place. It's so easy to install that even a cat could do it. And you got a PRO look every time!

Step 8:

A house is more common with four walls, so I'm building a facade for their pet house. One long piece of cardboard will go from one side to the other, and smaller pieces to add a clean look.

Step 9: Gluing the Roof in Place

I'm now gluing the roof in place by putting some hot glue all over the tops of the walls.I then place the roof and voila!

Step 10: The Final Touch

I'm adding a comfortable bed πŸ›Œ inside their house, with their favorite blanket. I also add a picture frame of their furry friends. ( I have cutout the star cats from the litter box .. πŸ˜… )

Step 11: Construction Is Done, Time for a Break!

My cats really love their new house! Lily my little one always sleep in it. Don't worry, don't be jealous for Cheetos, they have several beds and spots in the house ( not in the cat house, my real house 😏 ). Hope you guys like this cardboard house I made for my pets friends, I tried to include as much details as possible, if you have any questions you can ask me below! πŸ˜‰

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